About Us


EIGHTSIXTEEN Candles was established in 2020 by me, Djavon Dupree. I am a college student and athlete. I was looking forward to my summer 2020 internship as well as applying for graduate school.  However, due to Covid-19, my internship as well as many other opportunities were cancelled.  So, I created my own opportunity.  It began as an idea, and with a lot of work and commitment the idea went from a vision to reality.  Creating this brand has been an exciting experience.  It has truly become a family business, and the experience we feel while creating these candles has been nothing short of amazing.

Every EIGHTSIXTEEN Candle is accompanied by a positive quote.  The reason behind this is because when candles are typically used, it is to create a mood, in other words, a feeling.  We want our customers to not only use the candles, but to feel good and remember the good times when they smell certain scents.  To top it off, we leave you with a positive and inspiring quote.  Our mission is to spread positivity and hope one candle at a time.