Rule #1: Cleaning Day

A cleaning day is not complete unless a candle is lit.

More Than A Candle

Taking your home experience to the next level one candle at a time.


It is our mission to spread positivity one candle at a time.

Smell it. Love it. Live it.

Our collections

A scent to match your every mood

New Arrivals

Reuse Your Candle Jar

A candle to a centerpiece

The Brand

EIGHTSIXTEEN Candles are hand poured, small batch candles, made in Philadelphia and curated to perfection with scents to match your every mood.

When lighting our candles, we hope it brings you joy and positivity through sense of smell. EIGHTSIXTEEN Candles are for the men and women who love to feel, to live, to love, and to laugh.

Bringing you the best quality candles at the best price.

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